Understanding Amazon FBA Fees in 2024: What Sellers Need to Know

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) continues to be a popular choice for sellers looking to leverage Amazon’s vast logistics network. However, understanding the fees associated with FBA is crucial for maintaining profitability. In 2024, there have been some updates and changes to these fees that sellers should be aware of.

1. Fulfillment Fees

Fulfillment fees cover the cost of picking, packing, and shipping products. In 2024, Amazon has made minor adjustments to these fees to account for inflation and operational costs.

  • Standard Size Items: These are items weighing less than 20 lbs. Fees are determined by weight and dimensions.
    • Small standard (10 oz or less): $2.50
    • Large standard (1-2 lbs): $4.50
    • Large standard (2-3 lbs): $5.25
    • Each additional pound: $0.38
  • Oversize Items: Items over 20 lbs or exceeding standard size dimensions.
    • Small oversize (up to 70 lbs): $8.25
    • Medium oversize (up to 150 lbs): $10.50
    • Large oversize (over 150 lbs): $75.00 + $0.83 per pound above the first 90 lbs

2. Storage Fees

Storage fees are based on the volume of space your products occupy in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. These fees are charged monthly, with higher rates during peak seasons.

  • Non-Peak Season (January – September):
    • Standard size: $0.87 per cubic foot
    • Oversize: $0.57 per cubic foot
  • Peak Season (October – December):
    • Standard size: $2.45 per cubic foot
    • Oversize: $1.20 per cubic foot

3. Long-Term Storage Fees

To discourage sellers from storing slow-moving inventory, Amazon charges long-term storage fees for items stored for more than 365 days.

  • $6.90 per cubic foot or $0.15 per unit, whichever is greater.

4. Removal and Disposal Fees

If you need to remove inventory from Amazon’s warehouses, either for return or disposal, you will incur the following fees:

  • Standard Size Items:
    • Return: $0.55 per unit
    • Disposal: $0.30 per unit
  • Oversize Items:
    • Return: $1.25 per unit
    • Disposal: $0.60 per unit

5. Unplanned Services Fees

Unplanned service fees apply when inventory arrives at the fulfillment center without proper preparation or labeling.

  • Labeling: $0.30 per unit
  • Polybagging: $1.00 per unit
  • Bubble wrapping: $1.50 per unit

6. Prep Service Fees

Amazon offers optional preparation services for a fee, including labeling, polybagging, and bubble wrapping, among others. These fees vary depending on the specific service required.

  • Labeling: $0.20 per unit
  • Polybagging: $0.40 per unit
  • Bubble wrapping: $0.70 per unit

7. Refund Administration Fees

When a customer returns a product, Amazon refunds the fulfillment fee but charges a refund administration fee, which is the lesser of $5.00 or 20% of the original order fulfillment fee.

Strategies to Manage FBA Fees

  1. Optimize Inventory Levels: Regularly review your inventory to ensure you’re not overstocking, especially during peak seasons to avoid high storage fees.
  2. Improve Product Listings: Accurate listings reduce the likelihood of returns and unplanned service fees.
  3. Use Inventory Performance Index (IPI): Monitor your IPI score to keep it above the minimum threshold, which helps avoid storage limitations and overage fees.
  4. Utilize FBA Prep Services Wisely: Decide if using Amazon’s prep services is more cost-effective than doing it yourself.


Staying informed about Amazon FBA fees in 2024 is crucial for maintaining profitability on the platform. By understanding these fees and implementing strategies to manage them effectively, sellers can continue to benefit from Amazon’s powerful fulfillment network while keeping costs under control.


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